As an independent consultant to the aviation industry, Return2Service provides technical consulting and full support in the areas of aircraft and engine asset management and safety regulations. Our clients include lessors, airlines, corporate aircraft owners, aircraft manufacturers and MROs, as well as aviation authorities and regulators.

On-Site Technical Support

R2S provide a 24 hour aircraft technical support service for aircraft operators. At R2S, we understand the importance keeping aircraft operational for our customers and our team of experienced aircraft engineers combined technical knowledge with operational experience are on hand right around the clock to support you.

No matter where or when, our customer recieve expert aircraft technical support advice and support. The result is peace of mind and minimal disruption to your operation.

CAMO Services

For R2S, Continuing Airworthiness Management is more than just maintaining your aircraft airworthy. We strongly believe that every aircraft is an asset that must be maintained both airworthy and as an aircraft value. With that said, our service portfolio provides to our customers custom-tailor made solutions.R2S provide through our partners CAM Services for Private & Commercial Aircraft Operators, Aircraft Owners and Aircraft Lessors.
We have established our self in supplying the business aviation and airlines sectors with Continuing Airworthiness Management (CAM) services, these being :
The total Aircraft Technical Administration.
Monitoring and review of Airworthiness directive compliance.
Monitoring and review of Service Bulletin compliance.
Monitoring Damage Assessment, Repair Certification and ensuring damage reports are updated.
Monitor hard time component replacements.
Monitor serialised component replacements.
The production, development, amendment, control, administration and implementation of an approved aircraft maintenance programme.
The production of aircraft reliability reports and the chairing of periodic reliability review meetings.
The production, issue and management of line and base maintenance work packs and task cards in accordance with the approved maintenance program.
The control of out of phase maintenance requirements in accordance with the approved maintenance program
The management, maintenance and safekeeping of aircraft technical records.
The scanning of technical records.
Hosting of operators’ audits.
CAM for aircraft in storage – monitoring the storage program and issue of storage work packages.
Full Continuing Airworthiness Management


Our consultants and associates have a very strong background in the fields of MRO, Supply Chain and Inventory Management. With our combined know-how, we are able to provide sophisticated solutions all around commercial maintenance

Over time, each airline operation generates surplus inventory. Fleet changes, modification programs, and reduced usage rates are the primary factors influencing such inventory. Excess parts, generate handling costs and are non-working capital. Our team are experts in handling surplus inventories with . With our structured approach, we ensure that dust-gathering assets turn quickly into cash. Together with our cooperation partners, we are also your partner to evaluate your inventory or to get a certified appraisal.


We provide expert resources to handle all aspects of aircraft asset management. From Airworthiness Reviews to Aircraft Transitions, Re-Deliveries to Return Condition & Compensation Management. We cover a wide range of services on Technical Support and our qualified employees with expertise on the subjects are well recognised with years of experience in this field. R2S can provide instant manpower support to its customers for both Line/Base Maintenance support as also for Borescope, NDT and HFEC work required.


R2S is working with NVABLE trusted innovation with experience in software since 2005.
NVABLE Deliver end to end solutions that work and with over 50 years of heavyweight IT Experience.
We can deliver a high range of solutions including but not limited to:
• Specialist solutions for monitoring complex assets
• Real-time data analysis for condition alerting
• Bespoke e-commerce solutions and web content systems
• Resolution of data-management issues
• Mobile solutions development – Including Electronic Techlogs
R2S In cooperation with NVABLE provides latest technology to Airlines for digitising the Aircraft Technical Log.
Despite the advanced application of technology, in virtually every aspect of the aviation industry, there remain a number of key processes that have been stubbornly resistant to change.
One example is the Technical Log (or Log Book).
There is now a growing trend in the industry to digitize this key process and it is an area where our team have world leading experience.
It’s all about minimising risk, fuss and capital costs and maximising efficiency.
R2S is more than willing to provide a free presentation up on request at your location